The Hancock Aviation Aircraft Appraisal Guarantee

Assigning a monetary value to your impressive and intricate aircraft isn’t as easy as 1-2-3 or looking up comps in the real estate market. Here at Hancock Aviation, we’re a full team of professional appraisers with 15 years to 30 years of general aviation industry experience that know the ins and outs of aircraft, how their design and performance relates to current aircraft market trends, and what they are truly worth when the nooks and crannies are really analyzed. We provide our clients with invaluable insight and information through our appraisal services.

Our Visions & Values

We’re an honest, transparent, and passionate company that wants every aircraft buyer and seller to receive a fair and valuable opinion related to the pricing of their aircraft. We safeguard quality, thoroughness, and totally transparent evaluations that deliver accurate and valuable professional aircraft appraisals by the time we’re done. Above all, we value customer service and providing our customers with a true representation of what their aircraft is worth.

If you have questions regarding an aircraft appraisal, check out our FAQs below: